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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Whole Lot of Cooking Going On

Another New Years resolutions Sis and I decided on was to make a complete meal once a month using ( mostly ) new recipes. We each pick recipes for one meal and make both. Last month she picked a Crazy Pizza and I picked an Enchilada Casserole which got good reviews from both Daryl and George.
This month Patty picked a Tater-Tot Casserole which I've made before and we didn't care for so I'm opting out on that one.
We had family over for dinner last night and I made for the first time Briquette Scalloped Potatoes, Spring Greens with Beets & Goat Cheese and Paula Deens White Texas Sheet Cake. The kids loved them all . Also served Honey Baked Ham ,home made bread and Red Cake . The salad had toasted pecans that really made it. The whole meal was a big hit.I actually liked the White Texas Sheet Cake better than chocolate.
Now I have to start thinking about my March pick.

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