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Saturday, February 27, 2010


I recently saw a family on TV that gave away half of their belongings to charity! Including selling their house and buying one half the price.
I don't want to sell my house but... I think can give away my half jewelery ,clothes, shoes , definitely my fabric and a lot household items and furniture. So that's number one on my to-do list for Mar . Plus finish reading Going Rogue and one quilt.


quiltmom said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog- it is always nice to meet other bloggers from around the globe. You commented about the purple purse- It is very fun - I won the bid for it in a silent auction. It is hand knit and then felted in a dryer. The woman who made it is a school principal at a different school. She knits many items each year and gives them as donations for charities to raise money. I have admired her pieces many times before and this time, I was fortunate enough to win the bid.
Its an interesting concept to give away half of the things you own- it is probably true that many of us have so many things that clutter up our lives and that we could do with out. It would be a challenge for me to give away half my stash of fabric.Some other things would be much easier to give away.
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Regards from Western Canada,

WhiteStone said...

Seems like I've been cleaning closets and downsizing for the past 9 months and the closets are still full. LOL