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Friday, December 12, 2008

Time out

Last week my teeth on the lower right side started hurting off and on. Monday the pain was getting worse so off to the dentist. I wasn't sure which tooth was bad the whole area hurt ,well with Xrays, taping, applying air and cold he decided it was a lower canine . He filled a cavity and told me call if it gave me anymore trouble. Well it felt a little better for a couple days then the pain got worse . Dentist called an antibiotic and Thursday went in for a root canal. Finally I'm pain free.So that's what I've been doing the last week.
Plus my camera's battery died so no new pictures . But here's some more from Thanksgiving. AJ and me dueling camera's and Cheri standing beside AJ .Here's also a picture of Christi our little college girl and one of Jena two of the clean up team. Christi's going to be a missionary so we made her say the Thanksgiving prayer . She and my two other sweet granddaughters Milisa and Jena cleaned the kitchen up after dinner. Thanks girls! A pic of our son Mick watching of course football.. And one of DDIL taking a break after cooking for about eight hours. With so much help I had a very stress free Thanksgiving just made some deserts and set the tables.

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