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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More Thanksgiving Pictures

Ty finished the bathrooms while he was here. Pictures later, the plumbers are here today hooking up the water and ice in the new fridge and putting new long over due facets in the bathrooms. (and no neither of them is named Joe LOL ) we live in Toledo just in case you didn't get the joke.
Here's some more Thanksgiving pictures. Our son Allen ,he recently retired from the USAF the grandchildren called him The Zohan with his new Doo.
Nick piled out of bed to grate cheese, Him and Paula requested Mac and cheese with the dinner so DDIL agreed if someone would grate the cheese. Nick volunteered.
Our oldest son TY (aka Grisly Adams )painting the small bathroom. I let him have his artistic head since the bathroom is in the basement. He painted it a mint green(my idea) and the cinder blocks on one wall different colors (his idea). It came out pretty cute. Nick says it reminds him of a clown. So now I'm looking for clown patterns to make a wall hanging.
Then Grandson Tyler our soon to be Marine working on this laptop and finally one of Damian, Tyler, and DH tyring to hide.

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WhiteStone said...

You are blessed to have so many of your family be there for Tday. A good reason to give Thanks!