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Friday, July 18, 2008

Sedation and Flowers

Tue had another colonoscopy (yuk) But the good news is no polyps this time so I don't have to go back for eight years! Yeah!
Reading the instructions it said if I wanted I could have it without sedation . Since I don't like the loopy feeling the sedation gives I thought I'll go for that. Crazy I know but at the time it sounded good.When I told the Dr he said sure but if it got uncomfortable just ask and they would give me something. When he told the nurse I wasn't going to have sedation her response was "Oh?" I now have a feeling they were rolling eyes behind my back. Well I don't recommend it, five min. into the procedure I said "GIVE ME SOMETHING" LOL After that it went quite well.
And some eye candy from my flower garden . Yellow Cone flowers, Daisys, Geraiums ,my blooming Hydrangea and the one that refuses to bloom.

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Rian said...

Good news about the colonoscopy! I am on the 2 year plan. Blech.