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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The way things "should" be done.

I haven't posted much lately first because of illness and then trying to get cleaning caught up I got behind while ill. And while we're on the subject of cleaning. A poster on a popular forum ask what things we do because we "should" Like vacuuming twice a week, doing wash on a certain day ,shopping on a certain day ,etc, etc.
Coincidentally my sis called last week asking if I thought moping floors cleaned as well as getting down on hands knees. I told her although I do usually mop I don't think it cleans as well an old fashion scrubbing on the hands and knees. She then ask me why I thought that. I replied I honestly don't think mopping cleans very well. She said our mom always thought the "right" way to clean a floor was to scrub them on our hands and knees. I don't remember mom taking a stand on the subject but I do remember she always did them on her hands and knees. I don't think she ever owned a mop. Then we started talking about things mom thought should be done a certain way.
1.Feather dusters-mom's stand was they just relocate the dust, one "should" use a damp cloth.
2. Frosting- Must be 7 min boiled frosting, butter cream was just lazy. (canned frosting ? NEVER! )
4. Be careful with food coloring . Some foods dyed pink ,blue ,green or purple are just wrong. To this day I can't have a green milk shake in St Pat's day. LOL

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Anonymous said...

I guess I mop, but I think getting down on all fours would do a much better job. I just can't do it tho. Call me lazy or maybe I just won't be able to get up if I did. I'm thinking it's the latter. lol