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Monday, April 21, 2008

Garage Sale Finds

A few weeks ago I wrote I was planning on decorating the sun room in a cottage style. Inspired by Sophie's Honeysuckles English Decor Blog.
I went thrift store shopping and picked up some cute and whimsical things. This cute little painted table. I found this wicker platform rocker, the Laura Burch cat on the little chair next to it. and this porcelain doll and a Overhaul Sam and Sun Bonnet Sue pillows. Remember in the 90's those porcelain dolls were the rage and were very expense . I paid a $1.50 a the church thrift shop! I've decided just to leave the yellow paint think it goes fine. Oh, and the pastel striped cushions are from Pier One.
Click on the pictures for a larger image.


Deb H said...

It makes me think of my favorite aunt's cottage. Sweet finds!

Hilda said...

What great thrift scores. I'm especially envious of the Laurel Burch cat.

Christine Thresh said...

The painted table is lovely. Your room looks very nice.

Brenda said...

How bright and beautiful everything is. It all ties together...very envious. Great job.

blackbearcabin said...

The colors are wonderful...very cheery and comfortable! I would definitely keep it yellow! :)