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Saturday, October 3, 2015

My Big Brass Bed!

Well it's not really that big:) It's a full size, what we wanted(not a big a bedroom) but it was a real hell march getting her, are beds female? Found the first bed on Craigslist list ,drove fity miles in a gas chugging  van. 50 miles back just to find out they sold us a queen size. We could have switched to queen but we had purchased a new matteress just a few weeks ago. So went 100 gas chugging miles to return it. Well later found another ,better brass bed on Craigs list. Another 50 mile one way trip to a Detroit suburb .Got the bed,which is beautiful by the way. Tell the seller we don't need the frame .Get home and of course our frame won't work , grrrr.  Call the seller, praying he hasn't thrown the frame away.Horay he still has it ! Off we go for another hell March . But we have it now and it's beautiful ! Oh did I mention road repair all the way up and back.

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