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Thursday, May 24, 2012

I have returned.

I have been gone for a year. A lot has changed.Number one and most important I have left husband of fifty years and am living with first husband and love of my life. I know everyone who reads this will say WHAT? after fifty years. But my marriage was never happy my x was controlling ,demanding, self centered, and impossible to live with and has become progessivly worse with age.I didn't even realize how toxic the relationship was until I left. Cronic health problems I suffered for years have disappeared. I have never been happier. I'm now living in MI learning to fish ,traveling and enjoy the companionship of a kind thoughtful man. Once when I was young noticing so many lonely unhappy seniors I ask god to make my last years the best and he has granted me that wish. I will start writing regularly again and even post some fishing pictures.LOL


sophie said...


What a big change. It sounds like it has been very good for you.

black bear cabin said...

Wow...i just read this...what a huge change, and congrats to you for having the courage to do it :) hugs and well wishes on this new adventure!

Sheri said...

Thanks Lisa and Sophie your kind remarks mean a lot to me.