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Monday, August 16, 2010


This suppose to be a quilting blog, so... perhaps I should occasionally post a quilt picture. Just finished this for a gift.Can't say for who it's a surprise. Click picture for larger view.


sophie said...

It's positively GORGEOUS! What a lucky someone.

black bear cabin said...

i feel that way sometimes about my blog...hmmm...when was the last time i posted something quilty? Well, its summertime, and i rarely quilt in the summer...too hot! (so there's our excuse :)
Anyways, i love that quilt...the pattern and the colors are lovely! Good Job!

Perry said...

Pretty quilt! And not sure whether to thank you for reminder of Xmas or not. I can also relate to the insurance thing. We had a claim for water damage when we first bought this house, only claim we had had in lots of years, and promptly got cancelled because we had moved to a new state. I agree with you about insurance.

Debbie J said...

This quilt is beautiful and I know lots of time and hard work went into it!

I have a quilting blog and my original Homemaking dreams blog. If I post on the quilting blog, I feel like it needs to be on the other blog too. . So, I post most of my quiltiy things on the old blog.