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Saturday, July 10, 2010

State Farm Grrrr.....

Remember in April we had the sewer flood and I was so please with State Farm's response?Well that was then, this is now.
We got a letter from State Farm today stating that if they were to continue to insure our home we would have to drop the drainage,sewer coverage in our policy????
Huh?? We've had our house insured with State farm for over thirty years and this is the first claim we've had for a sewer flood. Actually it's the second claim EVER! And the previous claim was for a small kitchen water pipe leak five years ago, for less than $5'000. Can you believe this ???
I guess it's a the companies policy is "we'll cover you ,take your money ,but if you need us then we op out".

1 comment:

sophie said...

If you do some investigation, you may well find that they cannot LEGALLY do that to you. A friend in Michigan has gone through something similar (even without the claim) and was able to push back and continue her coverage.

It's crazy and State Farm should be ashamed of this business practice.