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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Soapbox Day.

Gripe #1 -Rush Limbaugh..... who listens ( and believes) this guy ? Scary to think about. If your a fan, sorry but I think he's a dangerous .

Gripe #2 -Some of the pictures on Facebook. One of my granddaughter's friends put a picture of herself on her back on a table with her knees up ,skirt up and a guy standing between her legs leaning forward. They both had pants on ( I think) But what the heck !!!! Isn't that soft porno? What is wrong with these people? What ever happened to modesty and dignity?? Oh my gosh I'm so glad I'm not raising children today.

1 comment:

black bear cabin said...

Totally agree on the Rush Limbaugh subject!!! and all i can say about your granddaughters at least it was her friend and not your granddaughter :) she was brought up right! :) kids do a lot of stupid things...and with the internet its out there for all of us to witness. lucky us :)