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Friday, April 24, 2009

Lazy Blogger

I was thinking after a while one just runs out of things to say . Then started thinking not much has happened around here except... I found my best friend I'd lost track of forty years ago, dyed my hair ash blond,turned green! And fell on my face, just for starters. OK,OK, there are things to write about I've just been lazy. I have to go now have an appointment for a bone scan,will fill in the details later.


black bear cabin said...

did you fall on your face because you turned your hair green...or was that a seperate incident? :)
hope you are okay...and dont worry, a break from blogland every once in a while is okay...just check in once in a while so we can say hi!

Christine Thresh said...

Good heavens!
As Lisa Jo asked, was the green hair related to falling on your face?