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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cabin Fever.

Not much going on around here just snow, snow ,snow. This has been the second snow-est Jan. in recorded history around here and the sixth coldest. Just been hunkered down waiting for a thaw.
Sat was Nick's birthday. The whole family got together he cooked his famous chili and grill cheese sandwich's and grandson Will made brownies and carrot cake. Yum ! After big discussion about who makes the best Chili it was decided there will be a family chili off next summer. Since Mick only likes canned chili that's what he'll be bringing. And I'll be making my Grandma Myers tomato soup recipe they all make fun of. Watch if in a secret taste test they don't pick one of those.LOL


Judy said...

I too am waiting for the thaw to come and I can't wait.

black bear cabin said...

we've had a bit of the winter doldrums up here too...but the annual barn gig is this weekend, so that should brighten things up for a while :)
ive also been taking advantage of this chilly weather, by doing my spring cleaning early...that way, when the nice weather arrives, i can be outside instead!
By the way...a chilly cook-off sounds great...and how smart to plan it for summer (when everyone can be outside :) Be sure to share photos!