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Friday, August 22, 2008

Brent and Cheri's Great Adventure

Son Brent and wife went to the Dominican Republic for vacation this summer. They take their five children every other year. This was an no child year, just the two of them and another couple.
Never seen Brent on a horse before. Well actually now that I think about it I have. Once when my four boys were little we were visiting my mom and a neighbor ask me to get their horses . Bring them around and over the bridge because the river had came up and they were stranded on the other side. When I rode into the barnyard my sissy city boys all ran and jumped up on a wagon except Brent .He wanted a ride.
Here is some eye candy from their vacation. Looks like a beautiful place. Click on pictures for larger image.

1 comment:

blackbearcabin said...

hehehe...i had to laugh about your sons horse story. Im a city girl too, even though i live in the middle of no where now, and i still have never been on a horse :)
Id be in the wagon with the other boys! :) hehehe